My music is divine – play it divinely!
Ludwig van Beethoven


The revolutionary eccentric, this musical giant had a brilliant mind unparalleled by most – and he knew it. Fearlessly marketing his genius and allying himself with the top classes, all the while seeking the music closest to perfection. When deafness struck him, not even that would stop him from writing what many consider the greatest musical works in history.

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Rise of The Masters is a high quality collection series gathering all the great and most popular composers of all time.
Starring: Johann Sebastian Bach * Ludwig van Beethoven * Johannes Brahms * Frédéric Chopin * Claude Debussy * Edvard Grieg
George Friderik Handel * Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart * Franz Schubert * Robert Schumann * Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky * Antonio Vivaldi
Our most well know classical composers are alive again and they are stronger than ever!

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